Top 10 OpenCart Module Installations

As a modular system, additional functionality can be be added easily and at a fraction of the cost to the bespoke requirements of the past. Here you will find a list of the Top 10 Requested/recommended OpenCart modules.

OpenCart Blog Module – Content and SEO

This module allows you to have full blog functionality where you can create blog/news posts within a section of your website. This allows you to write and create sticky content, useful information about products, which you can then add internal links to product pages, cross promoting across your site and helping to improve Google Ranking.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module – Customer Retention and Marketing

This module allows you to track abandoned carts where visitors have added items to the cart but not finalised the purchase. This offers valuable information as to what users are shopping for but also allows you to email visitors that did register but did not complete a purchase. You can email offering discounts to be used by a certain date with the module auto creating a code to be added in the cart.

OpenCart Free Gift Teaser Module – Customer Retention and Marketing

You can create a product as a bundled special offer, but if you wish to display a number of products as a special offer bundle, say a camera, case and battery then we can build in this module. Compatible with OpenCart 2.0x, Schedule Gifts campaign for certain date, Create unlimited amount of free gifts, Set free gifts on any page.

OpenCart Product Bundles Module – Marketing and Product Deals

You can create a product as a bundled special offer, but if you wish to display a number of products as a special offer bundle, say a camera, case and battery then we can build in this module.

OpenCart Multi-Image with Video – Improved Product Display and Information

Your site will already allow you to add multiple images to each product that pop-up as a gallery. This module will also allow you to add videos by pasting your YouTube video link into the module it will then display within the image gallery pop-up.

OpenCart PDF Upload Module – Content

This VQ Mod will allow you to upload PDF files to your media folder on the website, you can then create PDF downloadable links within product pages and brochure download pages.

OpenCart Unlimited Information Pages Module – Content

This module gives you the ability to have multiple information pages outside of the standard about. t’s & c’s and so fourth. The module uses categories to allow you to create multiple levels of information pages.

OpenCart Product Feeds – Easily Update Product Information

You may wish to add your products directly  to the website by uploading a data file rather than adding products individually through OpenCart’s admin system. this could be anything from a basic upload file to full integration with external systems so does require discussions to clarify requirements.

OpenCart Product Search Filtering – Customer Functionality

This module allows your customers to reduce product search results by filtering. Product search filtering allows for the ability to reduce search results based on filter. I.e. a search result can be filtered on Brand, Price Colour and much more!

OpenCart Payment Gateway Modules – Additional Payment Gateways

It is a good idea to have more than one payment gateway provider on your website, if you would like to use more than one payment gateway, i.e. PayPal and Sagepay we can install, set-up and test an additional payment source.

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