YouTube your Channel to Market
Once the playground for would be film makers, YouTube is increasingly becoming a major marketing channel.

So Why YouTube?

YouTube for Ranking
Google bought YouTube back in 2006, so it follows that like ‘Google Shopping’ priority will be given to YouTube videos in Google’s Page Ranking. In fact no-doubt you have already seen this with small images of videos appearing near the top of the listings.

YouTube for Bandwidth
One issue with embedding actual movies in your web pages is they will increase your bandwidth usage. If your site becomes bandwidth hungry as more visitors view movies you will then find that your hosting charges will increase.

YouTube for Brand Awareness
Why not use a video to promote your brand just as you would a TV advertisement, adding you brand and website address to a movie can increase traffic to your website. Adding the video to Twitter and Facebook will increase both traffic to your YouTube channel and your website.

YouTube for Products
If you sell products you can further promote your products by adding demonstration videos for those products. I.e. A garden fountain, show how the water feature works and lights-up; add your brand and web address and drive traffic to your site, embed the video in your product page and you show the features and increase sales.

YouTube for Product Training
Why not create a series of short training videos, upload them to YouTube and provide access to further information and downloads on your website. You have now created a library of product information that anyone can access at any time. This can reduce time spent on customer support by directing support questions to embedded videos on your website.

YouTube for Product Support
Address those frequently asked questions by producing short video that address these issues. Again this can reduce time spent on customer support by directing support questions to embedded videos on your website.

YouTubeYouTube Company Channel
when you start to add videos to your account on YouTube it creates a channel. Viewers can become part of your channel by subscribing, a little like followers on Facebook. You then have the ability to email your subscribers and market new additions, products, services, training videos etc…

Your competitors may be doing just what we have discussed so why let them reap the benefits, if you do it now you may even beat them to it!

Paul Hodson: New Media Manager – Tristar Web Solutions Tristar on YouTube

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