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What is a Micro Site?
You may have heard of ’Doorway Pages’ which were web pages focused on specific services or products that generated additional links and traffic to your website. Google now sees ‘Doorway Pages’ as simply a page and not a website and has begun to ignore them.

The new way forward is to produce a Micro Site, a small 4/5 page website that will improve your search engine ranking.

Why Use Micro Site?
Very few companies do just one thing, we all offer many products or a number of services which means we are diluting our content and key words to focus on everything we do and this can reduce the effectiveness of our search engine ranking.

Micro Sites give the ability to focus on specific products or services with all information and Meta coding specific to that offering. The content also includes lots of inbound links to further relevant information within your main website.

Micro Sites will improve your ranking either by pushing up your main site through relevant links or positioning higher than your main site due to content relevance.

Benefits to SEO Ranking

  • Structured content
  • Easy for search engines to spider
  • Inbound link magnet
  • Focus on specific services
  • Feature strong relevant content focused on specific product types or services
  • Search engine friendly

Please contact us for further Information: 01707 378455

Sample Micro Sites:

Golf Breaks Portugal - Driveline Golf
Meldin Rulon - Elder Engineering
Hen Nights London - The Dream Boys
Broadwalk Interiors
Hen Weekends Brighton - The Dream Boys
Rega Ventilation - Dampers and Ducts
MK Memorials – 3 Sites for branch locations

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