SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
Today there are over 31 billion web pages, tomorrow there will be more! SEO allows you to maximize the number of visitors and customers that reach your website.

Natural search engine ranking is not the fastest way of getting to the top of search engines but should play an important part of your online marketing strategy.

At Tristar, we are flexible in our approach in providing Search Engine Optimisation solutions. We will discuss your specific requirements with you and recommend an SEO plan that suits your budget.

It is important that your website is optimized regularly in order to both retain and improve on search ranking in order to keep ahead of your competitors and that’s where Tristar can help you.

Initial SEO Consultation
Initially we will sit down with you to discuss how your website is performing and look at the best ways to improve the website with regards to a number of aspects to include both organic search engine optimisation and the marketing structure of the website.

This could be a combination of things such as a restructure of your homepage to further signpost and push visitors into relevant areas of the website, along with coding and content changes.

Site & Code Changes
If your website has been live for sometime and has not undergone regular SEO changes it is important to bring it up to scratch, this may involve some initial work prior to carrying out SEO Healthchecks and is priced at our hourly rate costed on the amount of work required. This will be discussed at the consultation and a proposal of work will be made available.

How Regularly and How Much Work Needs to be Done?
You can spend a lot on SEO work, how much you do and how regularly you do it is dependent on your web marketing budget. We can discuss this with you and put together a full SEO marketing strategy based around your budget but at a minimum you should be looking at quarterly Healthchecks.

We provide a suite of reports that analyses a clients position for targeted keyword sets and provides advice and provision of small changes to sites to enable the client to fully understand their search engine position.

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