Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping?
Google Product Search, formerly Google Products and Froogle, is a price comparison service launched by Google that allows for your physical products to be displayed on Google.
What the benefit of Google Shopping?
By uploading a product data sheet to Google you area ble to display your products within Google Shopping, this means that if someone searches for a product you sell on Google it has the potential to appear on the shopping feed on the first result page of Google and in ‘Google Products/Google Shopping’, what’s more if you click on your listing it takes the visitor directly to that page on your website giving them the potential to buy!

Blackbox and Webshop pro functionality
Tristar has added this functionality to Webshop pro as a standard feature and it is also available as an additional module within blackbox.


Improving your current Google Shopping Results

If you are already using Google shopping results here are a few tips that will help to enhance your list positioning.

  • Update your feed a s often as possible (at least once a week)
  • Fill in your delivery information in your Google Merchant Centre
  • Titles – Use Keywords but not more than once (DO NOT CAPITALISE)
  • Descriptions – Make keyword rich but don’t repeat
  • Pricing – Lower prices help to push you up the list (Not essential as cheaper or free postage can have the same effect)
  • Age of feed – Not updates but the fact that you have been isted for a period of time and have continued to update

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Benefits to SEO Ranking

  • Add your products within hours to Google
  • Update your products daily/weekly
  • Inbound link to your product pages
  • Products potentially displayed on the first results page of Google
  • Products featured in Google Shopping pages
  • Increased sales potential

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