Responsive Design – Building websites for any screen size.

Many of today’s website are not built to display on all the different devices people now use to access the web.

The last two years has seen major changes in the way we view the web with the onslaught of mobile phones and tablets that allow for even easier access to the web from where ever you have a mobile signal or wireless network!

Businesses are now investing heavily in ‘Responsive Design’ mobile versions of their websites to ensure mobile users can access their websites easily and without the need to pinch and pull on the screen to view a specific area of the website.

Responsive design is a technical solution for creating mobile, tablet & desktop “versions” of your website, in creating a website with a “responsive design” it will adapt to any screen size that it is used on making the viewer’s visit more convenient.

If you create a responsive design you the design will tweak automatically to a new window size, making it much easier to use. A standard computer will show the original design and layout where as a mobile phone will show the same structure but the layout will change to a longer scroll but allowing for content and information to be read much more easily.

If you want to engage your customers and potential customers more effectively online, then it is time to be looking at the creation of a responsive design.

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