Shenley Leisure Centre

Having developed a website for Shenley Leisure sometime ago, the site design was beginning to look old and tired. In addition with administrators changing and a number of users updating the site the structure and layout was starting to differ on all pages.

The key objectives were to give the site a more modern look and feel and at the same time giving less ability to change fonts, sizes and colours with almost all being fed from CSS style sheets and less ability to override. Also we needed to give flexibility of content and sign-posting to the home page but at the same time producing a set-structure to the page.

A visually strong Blackbox content managed website, giving the ability to manage content and page structure, as the site was already built in Blackbox Tristar was able to retain all the content in the site and simply tidy this up.

Additional site modules were added allowing for the placement of sign-posted imagery that follows a structured layout, this means that Shenley Leisure could easily change all homepage content without compromising the structured design layout.

Shenley Leisure are extremely happy with the result of the re-vamp of the site and its ability to mange content and imagery across the site.

Additions – Social Networking
As an addition Social Networking is an important part of the marketing strategy using Facebook page to promote Shenley as a brand outside of the website.

Please contact us for further Information: 01707 37845

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