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To create a new website for Peter Deer Associates that gives the company the flexibility of Content Management with the ability to create a large case study section to the site

The current site had been around for some years and Peter Deer Associates had just basic levels of content management but the site was old and designed for a smaller browser. The objective was to design a profesional looking site that gave more features and functionality to both Peter Deer and site visitors.

A visually strong Blackboxcontent managed website, giving the ability to manage content and page structure with the ability to add a full database of case studies. The site has design modules allowing for the placement of sign-posted imagery that follows a structured layout. In addition the case studies section of the website allows for a full project image gallery.

Peter Deer Associates are extremely happy with the site and its ability to mange content and imagery across the site and that all was complete within the required deadlines.

Please contact us for further Information: 01707 37845

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  • Design
  • blackbox CMS
  • Animated Image Modules
  • Multiple Managed Image/Content Spots
  • Additional branded area for sustainability with colour change options
  • Projects Database with Lightbox Multi-Image Module
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