Broadwalk Fireseals


Broadwalk required a new website that would allow the company to sell its fire seal products online. It was looking for a cost effective ecommerce system that would be easy to manage and look good, so the site was developed using OpenCart Ecommerce.

This was Broadwalks first entry into the realms of ecommerce and they required something that would not bog them down in management time once the initial work of adding products had been done. Opencart ecommerce offered this at it is a very user friendly system that offers a huge amount of functionality both front and back-end.

A visually strong Opencart content managed website, giving the ability to manage content and page structure with a premium template that has been adapted to follow the Broadwalk brand and offering a great look and layout. In addition an email system was also set-up with matching branded template allowing for promotion to existing customers.

Broadwalk were extremely happy with the site and its ease of use when managing content and imagery across the site.

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Broadwalk Fire Seals

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