What is ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine, or “EE,” is a multi-purpose content management system developed as a  modular web platform that offers a professional solution for  Commercial websites.

The user interface is designed to make website and content management as simple and friendly as possible, without sacrificing the dynamic power of the platform in any way.

Compared to other content management systems, EE has proven itself as a versatile, top-to-bottom solution that includes not just a robust CMS engine, but eCommerce and forum features as well: every aspect needed for dynamic web development out of the box.

An initial commercial licence is required for each website which is included in the proposal cost but this is a one-off licence and is not a yearly licence.

More and more companies and organizations are turning to ExpressionEngine, making it a serious contender on a relatively short list of emerging enterprise-capable CMS platforms, and effectively proving its value. Notable companies that use EE as their web solution include Apple, Sony, Disney, Nike, Ford, and Cisco.

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