Google Chrome Changes to affect all non https Websites

Google have been looking at making sure that all websites are secure for a long time and have been reflecting this in the upgrades to the Google Chrome browser on each release. The use of SSL certification on your web hosting/website giving an HTTPS rather than just an HTTP prefix to your...

Facebook Advertising How To

Because, statistically, there are 1.65 billion active users on Facebook, it is the perfect place to target your customers. As it is a big, exposed market, you need to make sure that the way you promote your product grabs the attention of your potential customers, and never lets go of it. What...

Google URL Builder

Technically, URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. In English, it is a reference to a certain address (resource) on the internet. An example of a URL is: This is made up of two parts: the protocol identifier (the “http” in the example), and the resource name (the “” in...

Pokemon Go Good or Bad?

                Pokémon Go Good or Bad? You Decide Pokémon Go ‘Pokémon Pocket Monsters’ began its series of games in 1996 franchised to Nintendo. This ever popular series of games has seen players flock to order new releases every time a new game is released and has...

CSS 3D Animations, Transitions & Transformations

CSS 3D is recognised for its rounded corners, drop shadows and gradient features as well as CSS transitions, transforms and animations. When combined it creates effects that have not been attained before. CSS 3D is hardware accelerated, smooth and easily implemented with specific browsers, possibly carrying out difficult perspective calculations.  They are...

HTML5 Canvas: What Does the Future Hold?

HTML5 Canvas is becoming more popular these days as it is the thing behind creating games. Even though it is not a programming language like JavaScript, it delivers API’s for new solutions like WebGL, WebAudio or Canvas. These are responsible for important parts in creating games which allows them to run in...

Web Trends: Every Designer Should Be Aware of!

There are over 22 types of web trends that exist today; as the internet never stops evolving with its increase in device diversity, image-rich news sites and scripting smarts. Designers and developers should always be on their feet when it comes to new technology and software comes out frequently. There are so...
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